Bottaro iron wire is increasingly high-tech!

A world unique machine for the production of BWR™ looped wire.

Bottaro has recently installed a new machine using the production system with 4.0 technology to produce BWR™ cut and looped wire for vertical balers.

A unique machine in the world, created by the manufacturer basing on a project by Engineer Alberto Bottaro, who after years of study and design has obtained the perfect technological solution to optimize the production process and maximize the quality of the looped wire.

The fully automated system guarantees the production of the wire with perfect features thanks to the presence of robots and sensors along the entire production line monitoring every millimeter of wire, including the loop.

In addition to raising the quality standard of the product, the machinery has led to a significant improvement in the working environment, as the noise has gone from 90 decibels of the old system to 30 decibels. Furthermore, the workers no longer intervene directly in the production of the wire but only have to start the machine and check its work.

Thanks to this new plant, Bottaro has taken another step forward in the quality of the product and the working environment.

Nuovo macchinario per la produzione robotizzata del filo di ferro per presse verticali