Bottaro expands Novate Milanese headquarter

The new logistics warehouse finished by December.

Service is a fundamental component that influences the quality of Bottaro iron wire. Indeed, as well as continuing to invest resources to offer the market a product with superior performance and always innovative, the company pays attention to everything that involves the wire: from commercial service to packaging, from a streamlined and capable administrative system to fast logistics, capable of guaranteeing the safety of the goods at all stages of shipment.

Bottaro has made significant investments on the logistics system, in order to create a system based on efficiency, speed and security. Part of these investments has been dedicated to the extension of one of the warehouses in the Novate Milanese headquarters, which is used precisely as a logistics area. Thanks to this project, which will be ready by December 2022, the compex system of preparing and sending wire around the world will benefit from many more square metres, where operators will be able to organise shipments even more functionally.