Bottaro BWG™: The excellence choice for hot dip galvanizing

Nicholas Galvanizing confirms its preference for Bottaro iron wire for the third year.

In an industry where efficiency and safety are paramount, choosing the right material becomes crucial. This is the case for Nicholas Galvanizing, a leading company in New Jersey, which for the third consecutive year has chosen Bottaro’s BWG™ and BWG™Plus iron wire for its hot dip galvanizing operations.

Through an interview with Emmet Gregory, CEO of the company and a member of the American Galvanizer Association, we discover the reasons behind this choice. Gregory highlights Bottaro wire’s superiority in terms of strength, malleability, and cleanliness, factors that have significantly increased the productivity and safety of their plant.

This testimony confirms Bottaro’s commitment to providing high-quality products and customer support, aspects that make our iron wire the first choice for hot dip galvanizing companies worldwide. An experience that not only underlines the tangible benefits of the product but also strengthens customer trust and satisfaction with the Bottaro brand.

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