Climate and recycling: the current situation

Recovery sector’s operators have always believed in their role and during these years they have bravely and responsibly carried out their activities that are so significant for the planet wealth.

In the early months of 2019, numerous student demonstrations and events were organized in Italy and all around the world, with the aim of making governments aware of the issue of global warming in order to set new rules for safeguarding the planet.

Bottaro company has always been in close contact with operators and recycling associations since it supplies a consumable product without which the pressed material (paper, cardboard, plastic, waste, etc.) could not be packed.

Initiatives and conferences

Environment and climate are some of the topics discussed by the G7 and all industry associations are moving to address this issue, and find agreements with governments. Here are some selected articles and initiatives

Comieco (Italy): the month of organized recycling
Paper has seven lives like cats. And yet, every time a citizen collects recycling, he makes an act of faith because there is a very little awareness on what happens afterwards.
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Federec (France): parte il comitato strategico di filiera
This Friday a contract that aims to remove obstacles to the development of waste recycling, was signed between State and some recycling companies. They commit themselves to work on six “structuring projects”, corresponding to the six main challenges of the sector. Recycling companies are asking for “a favorable economic and regulatory framework”.
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Waste Expo 2019 (USA): Conferences on recycling and composting of organic products
The recovery and processing of organic products is a growing sector that offers countless opportunities to increase overall recovery rates, while producing high quality compost and renewable energy products.
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VBS (Germany): Bayerischen Klima Allianz

VBS association is the 29th partner of the “Bayerischen Klima Allianz”. The collaboration between the VBS and Bayerischen Klima Allianz is sealed in a “Joint Declaration on cooperation for climate protection”, which was individually agreed with the Bavarian state government.
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How does Bottaro become an active part of this process?

Optimizing wastes, using clean energy in the plants, using biodegradable oil that is not harmful for the environment and through the Research and Development department that studies low-impact environmental solutions.

The latest designed products for the recycling sector are BWR and BWR+, two products that combine performance never seen before and low environmental impact. How we do that? Using a stronger wire (therefore for the same bale weight, less meters of wire are used) and extending maintenance times of the baling presses.

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