Galvanized Hi-Tensile

The best solution for Double-RAM Balers


The most resistant wire for waste and recycling industry

The Hi-Tensile wire is the most resistant wire on the market. It is engineered for the toughest baling applications thanks to its strength and elongation. Specific for double Ram Balers.

Choose the guarantee of a certified brand

Bottaro follows the entire production chain choosing high quality European wire rods and an ecological production process certified ISO: 9001. An uncompromising choice of responsibility that puts the person and the values first.


110.12051,653 - 1,93825.78
11.50.1131.454 - 1.70529.36
120.10551.267 - 1.48633.62
130.0915954 - 1.11944.69
13.50.086842 - 98750.70
140.080728 - 85558.59
14.50.076658 - 77164.92
150.072590 - 69272.33

The best solution for Double-RAM Balers

Our wire, at the same strength, is more pliable and reduces friction on mechanical components subject to wear, such as the binder and the unwinding pulleys.

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