Turin: all of Italy’s charm in a single city

Turin: all of Italy’s charm in a single city

Historic capital of the Kingdom of Savoy and of Italy, Turin still retains its royal fascination in the city’s prestigious palaces and numerous churches. The splendid monuments and museums you find walking through the majestic streets tell the local history yet all the while represent all the cultural, artistic, culinary, artisanal, and industrial excellences of Italy to perfection.

In Turin you can embark on a journey from ancient to contemporary art and culture. Indeed, the historical and artistic tradition of a more “classic” vein in the city is flanked by a remarkable industrial tradition linked to automobiles and the cinema. One of the city’s excellences is connected to the production and processing of chocolate, to which a festival is also dedicated.


A walk through the heart of the historic capital

Amidst noble palaces, superb museums, parks, cafés and exemplary works of industrial architecture, below follow the must-see places we recommend in order to enjoy a taste of Turin.

  • Museum of Egyptian Antiquities: with 6,500 archaeological finds and over 26,000 deposited in storage, Turin is the second largest Egyptian museum in the world. In addition to offering a vast and valuable collection, the museum is an expression of nineteenth-century patronage of the arts that led Italy to participate in important archaeological excavations.
  • Cinema Museum and Mole Antonelliana: Turin is the birthplace of Italian cinema, so a museum dedicated to the “seventh art” could not be lacking. Located in the Mole Antonelliana, the National Cinema Museum accompanies visitors through the history of cinema, from the first cameras to Star Wars costumes. A gem not to be missed after the visit is the panoramic lift that climbs to the top of the Mole, where you can admire a magnificent view of the entire city and the Alpine range that surrounds it.
  • Valentino Park and the Medieval Village: to enjoy an authentic Turinese day, you must cross or stop in the Valentino Park, one of the favourite places for the citizens to spend their leisure time. Inside you can also visit the Medieval Village, a reproduction of a 15th century Piedmontese settlement, created in 1884 for the Italian general exhibition.
  • Royal Palace: This magnificent palace built in 1646 was the royal residence until 1865. The apartments and the royal library, the impressive armoury, the Savoy gallery and the gardens, have nothing to envy other European palaces of the same period.
  • Madama Palace: one of the city’s most beautiful, Madama Palace was originally a medieval castle which was then transformed into a Baroque style. Today it is home to the Museum of Ancient Art of the City of Turin.
  • Automobile Museum: With nearly 200 cars from 80 different manufacturers, this museum has been defined by The Times magazine as one of the fifty best in the world. Therefore, a visit is a must for fans of the sector and to learn about an important part of the history of Italian and international industry and design.