Raffaello 1520-2020

Raffaello Sanzio

As this year is a 500 years anniversary from the Raffaello Sanzio’s (known as Raphael) death, we would like to invite you to travel with your mind and soul to discover the masterpieces created by the Maestro during his stay in Rome (1508-15020).

Raffaello Sanzio from Urbino is one of the greatest artists and architects of the Italian Renaissance. Grace and elegance of his characters, research of the right angle and innovations brought in the portrait art made him one of the most famous artists of his time. At the end of 1508 due to his fame, he was invited by Pope Giulio II to Rome to work together with Bramante and Michelangelo on the urban renewal of Urbe and Vatican.



A journey to Rome following Raphael’s path

The places you should not miss:

• A visit to the most famous rooms of the art history: Raphael Rooms in the Vatican. The story goes that after papa Giulio II have seen the practice paintings of Raphael he decided to assign him the decoration of the apartment at the expense of covering the existing murals.

• Another unmissable place is Villa Farnesina. In the Amore and Psyche’s lodge, Raphael painted licentious iconographic program that through the myth illustrates love story of the villa’s owner Agostino Chigi with Francesca Ordeaschi.

• You should also visit Raphael’s lodge in Villa Madama in order to admire his grotesque decorative series inspired by wall paintings discovered inside the Domus Aurea of Nerone (revealed at the end of XIV century).

• Finally go to Galleria Borghese in order to contemplate the world-famous Deposition of Christ also known as “Deposizione Baglioni”.

• You cannot miss having dinner by Trastevere river tasting good “cacio e pepe” pasta dish and famous “Giudia” artichokes.