Amalfi Coast: between sea, Mediterranean maquis, art and handcrafts.

Amalfi Coast: between sea, Mediterranean maquis, art and handcrafts.

The scents of the Mediterranean maquis, the intense colours of the southern sun, the jagged coastline and thirteen small villages: we are on the Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

Located in the southern part of the Sorrento peninsula, the Amalfi Coast is a fascinating place with an unrivalled landscape, historical and cultural heritage. The artistic and culinary richness of this place is the result of the contamination of the local tradition with the cultures of the populations that have passed through here: Romans, Byzantines, Normans and other navigators.


In the heart of the Coast

Accessible by land or sea, each village is a little gem. Here are our favourites and some experiences not to be missed:

  • Amalfi: the ancient Maritime Republic, the historical centre of Amalfi is a real jewel of the coast. The famous Duomo di Sant’Andrea dominates the centre, with a unique style combining Gothic, Byzantine and Moorish.
  • The Vietri workshops represent the best of the area’s colours immortalised on ceramics, world-famous Italian excellence.
  • Positano is considered one of the most enchanting and romantic places on the entire Amalfi Coast. In addition to its architectural beauty, the village is full of little shops where you can buy clothes made by local artisans in the typical “Moda di Positano” or “Positano Fashion” style.
  • Ravello is the village that dominates the coast and offers breathtaking views. The landscape is not the only thing that fascinates us, but also the musical culture of this place. Wagner was a guest of the village several times and today Ravello is known as the “City of Music” for its many musical events of international appeal.
  • A speciality of the area is limoncello, a liqueur made from lemons. Tasted on the spot, it has a completely different flavour: the scents of the Mediterranean maquis pervading the air enhance the essences of the sweet lemons that only grow along the coast.
  • The Sentiero degli Dei is an excellent itinerary for those who wish to explore the coast from a different point of view. The seven-kilometre route offers fascinating glimpses of villages and romantic inlets, passing through the Mediterranean maquis.