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BWR – Recupero e riciclo

Xsystem, the simple and low-cost alternative to wire feed trolleys

Designed together with our customers

The Xsystem was designed by Bottaro engineers in collaboration with selected customers, who agreed to test the products we made and verify that the logistics processes applied to them functioned correctly. Bottaro conducted in-depth research and evaluated different working methods, consulting authoritative managers and department managers, the result of which is an extraordinary packing system: the Xsystem. Today, it is possible to easily replace the reel and keep the coil stable during transportation. Thanks to this innovative system, we have resolved and simplified all problems concerning transport, safety and production optimisation. Below we explain the aim of this new approach.

What is the Xsystem®

We have created a new sustainable transportation method to meet the needs of companies that are particularly sensitive to the issues of safety and sustainable production. Firstly, when the coil of BWR leaves our lubrication systems, it is stacked vertically on a pallet. The Xsystem is then inserted in the middle. It has a dual function: on the one hand, it keeps the oiled iron wire perfectly aligned during transport and, on the other, it feeds the iron wire correctly towards the vertical pulley. We usually place the products 3 metres away from each other.


Why is it so useful and convenient?

Bottaro’s innovative system completely eliminates costs for modifying facilities, making it possible to dismantle the old structure and making it faster and safer to remove and replace the bale. This means you can say goodbye to the old method of using lifting trolleys that are prone to impacts with structures and machines, along with the unnecessary fuel consumption of diesel-powered lifting trolleys. With the Xsystem, it is, therefore, possible to optimise cycle times in your departments, at the same time complying with the strict safety regulations set by companies and thereby simplifying your everyday workload.

Climate and recycling: the current situation

In the early months of 2019, numerous student demonstrations and events were organized in Italy and all around the world, with the aim of making governments aware of the issue of global warming in order to set new rules for safeguarding the planet.

Bottaro company has always been in close contact with operators and recycling associations since it supplies a consumable product without which the pressed material (paper, cardboard, plastic, waste, etc.) could not be packed.

Initiatives and conferences

Environment and climate are some of the topics discussed by the G7 and all industry associations are moving to address this issue, and find agreements with governments. Here are some selected articles and initiatives

Comieco (Italy): the month of organized recycling
Paper has seven lives like cats. And yet, every time a citizen collects recycling, he makes an act of faith because there is a very little awareness on what happens afterwards.
Event info and activities

Federec (France): parte il comitato strategico di filiera
This Friday a contract that aims to remove obstacles to the development of waste recycling, was signed between State and some recycling companies. They commit themselves to work on six “structuring projects”, corresponding to the six main challenges of the sector. Recycling companies are asking for “a favorable economic and regulatory framework”.
Full article

Waste Expo 2019 (USA): Conferences on recycling and composting of organic products
The recovery and processing of organic products is a growing sector that offers countless opportunities to increase overall recovery rates, while producing high quality compost and renewable energy products.
Event info and activities

VBS (Germany): Bayerischen Klima Allianz

VBS association is the 29th partner of the “Bayerischen Klima Allianz”. The collaboration between the VBS and Bayerischen Klima Allianz is sealed in a “Joint Declaration on cooperation for climate protection”, which was individually agreed with the Bavarian state government.
Event info and activities

How does Bottaro become an active part of this process?

Optimizing wastes, using clean energy in the plants, using biodegradable oil that is not harmful for the environment and through the Research and Development department that studies low-impact environmental solutions.

The latest designed products for the recycling sector are BWR and BWR+, two products that combine performance never seen before and low environmental impact. How we do that? Using a stronger wire (therefore for the same bale weight, less meters of wire are used) and extending maintenance times of the baling presses.

No matter where you are, Bottaro considers you a VIP customer and guarantees exclusive services

1) Multilingual Customer service

The personnel at our headquarters in Milan and in our offices around the world, all understand and fluently speak English, German, French and Spanish and are highly qualified to follow each stage of your shipment. Our personnel will manage everything for you, every step of the way, from making the order to delivery of the material to your chosen destination. The online chat service can be accessed from all our website pages, making it simple and quick for the customer to contact our personnel at any time in the event of doubts or questions

2) Custom packaging

One of Bottaro’s strengths is that it offers the possibility to choose from a wide range of packaging. Below you will find some examples of what is available for specific products in different destination markets.


Box Wire


Polyethylene film

Bundles on pallets

Tied bundles


3) Safe and speedy logistics solutions

There are three things that make us the leading company in the sector: custom packaging, guaranteed transportation and timely deliveries. These three characteristics are managed by software that optimises the logistics of the entire shipping process. Our iron wire is transported by train, in trucks and on ships so that it safely reaches its destination in the way chosen by the customer, all thanks to an office that handles the transport logistics, from the moment the goods are loaded right through to the paperwork needed to clear customs.

4) Photographs of loads

The new technologies we have invested in has made it possible to check and track every step of the goods movements. The customer can also keep track of their orders thanks to a mapping service that can be accessed from a smartphone, laptop or tablet. For example, when a delivery note is created, the Bottaro personnel will automatically send photographs of the loads when they are dispatched to the customer’s email address. This means that the customer always knows the status of the order without having to waste time asking for information.

The pros and cons of oiled iron wire

For the engineers of leading companies

Customers often ask Bottaro whether or not it is advisable to use this particular type of iron wire. For this reason, Bottaro has decided to offer all the readers of this blog a few considerations on this important issue. We therefore decided to give a voice to the most well-known and well-established leading Italian and foreign companies in the industry. They all accepted our invitation to participate in the discussion. Below is a summary of what emerged.

How many companies use oiled iron wire?

Out of the over 6000 tonnes of iron wire sold every month, less than 35% of companies order oiled iron wire, and Switzerland, Germany and Austria are the areas where oiled iron wire is most in demand. This low percentage is given to the fact that production machinery operates just as well in the absence of lubrication. Moreover, companies who are accustomed to using oil, may choose to install tanks near the first pulleys to avoid storing oiled materials in their warehouses. In fact, this method has been used by many recycling companies for years, thereby maintaining a clean work area. We’d like you to think about the fact that the oil used for lifting trolleys and machinery contributes greatly to disposal costs and can be transformed into a resource for lubricating iron wire.

Why is lubrication dispensable?

Many baling machine manufacturers do not recommend the use of oil because they believe it is the cause of the binding knot coming loose. Oiled iron wire must therefore be tied more than once, resulting in a waste of material. This is why only a small amount of lubrication is sufficient for most needs, at the same time preserving the mechanical components during the winding process and making it possible to tie a perfect knot. There are even manufacturers which claim that oil serves no purpose at all, considering that the components they produce, made of hard metals like cemented carbide, can be used for over ten years without showing signs of wear. The cemented carbide and tempered steels used by almost all manufacturers today, has significantly lowered demand for oiled iron wire. This is a factor that we always take into consideration at the time of an order, and we have noticed that much fewer customers are choosing oiled iron wire due to more attention being paid to machinery performance.

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We recommend 1.000-Kg coils for the baling machine

Three/Two ways to update your baling machine

There are two options available to you if you want to use 1000 kg coils in your manufacturing facility

1) If you have an internal carpenter, we recommend you change the height position of the pulleys from 2 to 4 metres, which makes it easier to unwind the coil and prevents the wire jamming due to insufficient space. We also suggest that you maintain a distance of 1.2 metres between the structures and a distance of 15 or 20 cm between each spool. These measures make it easier to open the bailing tape on the bale..
2) If you don’t have a professional within the company, we strongly recommend that you contact the manufacturer for specific advice.

Two solutions for companies that lack space

Many customers justify the choice of 500 kg bales with their lack of space. Here are two easy tips to improve your productivity and start using 1000 kg coils.

1) As an alternative to fixed structures, we suggest the use of movable wire feed trolleys as shown in the photo above. The wire feed trolley system makes manoeuvring the new 1000 kg coils simpler, easier and safer.
2) If you decide not to use the classic trolley system, we strongly recommend that you adopt the XSystem® system shown in the photograph below. The XSystem will solve many of the problems described below:
 – The system is much more stable during all stages of transportation
– The XSystem is an economical alternative to a reel inside of the baling machine, guaranteeing excellent performance during the unwinding process
– This system is used in conjunction with a pallet, making it possible to move the coil without damaging the iron wire with pliers and avoiding misalignments and possible abrasions of the material

BWR, the best baling wire for baling machines

Most customers require baling machine manufacturers to provide versatile, efficient systems which can bale materials such as plastic, paper, biomasses, CDR, etc. Iron wire is a consumable par excellence for recycling companies, and must be continually updated and improved in order to keep pace with these hi-tech systems. When a customer chooses BWR iron wire it is because they are aware of a fact that we are extremely proud of: BWR is the only iron wire in the world designed specifically to maximise the productivity of baling machines. Click here to find out more about BWR.

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